Our Street Department has a full time crew. They are Supervisor, Eric Plunkett and Assistant Supervisor, Steven Plunkett, Paul Hawkins, Ferman Oliver.

The Street division maintains the city’s streets, sidewalks, right of ways and the grounds of the Municipal Complex as well as the city parks.

Street and sidewalk services includes: installing the street signs, patching potholes, overseeing utility cut repairs and street overlays as well as
watering and maintaining the planters on First and Second streets. They also trim trees that hang over streets, removing downed trees during
emergencies as well as clearing the streets when ice or snow is present, cleaning out ditches and keeping the City property mowed.

At Christmas they put our decorations in the ponds next to the highway as well as hanging the pole decorations.

The street sweeper helps to keep our streets free from trash and excess leaves and dirt.


Our Sanitation department has 4 full time employees. They are Dennis Brisco, John Cowen, Jerry Hankins, and Edward Plunkett.

The City operates two sanitation trucks. One is for residental pickup and one for business. The drivers are John Cowen and Edward Plunkett.

The Sanitation department picks up household garbage twice weekly. The north end of town and Masonville is picked up on Mondays and
Thursdays, and the south end and highway 65 on Tuesdays and Fridays. Businesses are picked up daily. On Wednesdays the trucks are serviced.

The annual Spring Cleanup is usually held for two weeks between March and April. At this time the trucks will canvas the town and pick up any
unwanted items. This cleanup is important for the appearance of our town as well as helping with mosquito control. Check the local paper for dates.

The City does not have a recycling program but recycled materials are collected by Desha County and has a truck located at Walmart in McGehee on Wednesdays. You can call the County Courthouse in Arkansas City for additional pickup locations and schedules. The number to call is 870-877-2426.